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Keynote Speaker and Dinner

Thursday, July 3, 2014, 7:00 pm with Dr. Jerry Wesch - Alternative Approaches to Helping People with PTSD.

Jerry Wesch Ph.D

 Dr. Jerry E. Wesch, a clinical psychologist with 40 years of experience developing holistic treatment programs, will discuss how modalities such as  massage, yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, biofeedback and acupuncture improve physical and mental well-being of PTSD sufferers. As a whole, the program  aims to reduce hyper-arousal and factors that trigger episodes, to begin healing traumatic memories, to enhance patients’ self-efficacy and more.

 Complementary and alternative medicine techniques are effectively used to treat PTSD suffers at programs such as one at the C.R. Darnall Army  Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas. At the 2014 Touch for Health Kinesiology Association’s national conference in Austin, TX, the director of the  Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program (WCSRP) will present the keynote speech based on his team’s 11-week approach for targeting complex PTSD.


Kelsha Wisniewski - Healing Hearts and Hemispheres with Hands 

Learn about how kinesiology and energy healing can change someone’s whole life trajectory.  Kelsha Wisniewski is an Energy Healing Practitioner and owner of Cherry River WellnessT4H. 

She is a certified,Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioner and Emotion Code Certified.  Kelsha’s work optimizes brain function, enhances emotional stability and brings self-love to her clients. Discover how she learned how muscle testing can improve your attachment to those you love. Her work has been published in Healthy Beginnings Lifestyle Magazine.

Kelsha's presentation is to bring awareness on energy work of the mind that affects self-esteem, self worth, image, love and connection and to understand how the separation distress system affects them/their clients. Her talk will guide you to help bring love, hope and peace in to client's minds/souls and energetic bodies and how to help them an understanding of the many impacts of low self-worth/attachment disorder. Discover how kinesiology and energy healing can change someone’s whole life trajectory by doing this work for them. Kelsha’s work optimizes brain function, enhances emotional stability and brings self-love to her clients. 

Brian Haraga  - The Domino Effect 

See how quickly a domino effect occurs when you identify and correct the true source of a problem which allows the entire body to experience fast corrections for tomorrow and beyond.  Brian is a Specialized Kinesiologist in many modalities with more than 30 years of experience working with people and animals.

 Brian Haraga began using muscle monitoring for horses at age 15. By 16, an auto accident left him paralyzed. Al Berry’s Body Management work enabled Brian to recover and get back to rodeoing. Brian’s work reflects his life lessons as well as his in-depth study of the body (human and animal) and how it works.

 Brian is an instructor for Touch For Health, Body Management, Equine/Pet therapy, Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis, and a former Educational Kinesiology Instructor. Brian is also a professional Energy Kinesiology Practitioner in Canada, and incorporates many other modalities into his practice like Educational Kinesiology, LEAP, SIPS,  Dawson Program as well as others.

 Brian has more than 30 years of experience working on people and with all kinds of animals. His main focus is his clinical work in Stettler, Alberta, Canada; where he has worked with people of almost every known disease;  ailment, and  deformity by giving them a wealth of knowledge such as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional aspects of the human body. Brian continues to learn thru his experience working with people. He says “ This healing modality allows me to help people to enhance their lives to its full potential in a caring straight forward manner”.


Vincent Bellonzi D.C., C.C.N., C.S.C.S., ACSM H/FI, B.S. - The Definition of Wellness, and the Freedom of Health

An important component of freedom which is continually ignored, is health. Lifestyle is the best medicine for wellness. Health occurs when lifestyle is effectively matched to the adaptive abilities of each person’s individual genome. Dr. Thie understood that improvement of physiological function would surpass the management of chronic disease every time.Dr. Vincent Bellonzi asks how important is your health freedom? Learn exercise and stress relief techniques that can be done by everyone.

 Dr. Bellonzi learned massage therapy personal training. Physical conditioning, coaching cycling and running. Doctorate in Chiropractic,  certified  Health and Fitness Instructor with ACSM. A Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist. B.S. in Human biology and Nautical Industrial Technology. Board certified as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. 

Kerryn Sedgman -  Axiatonal Aqupuncture

Axiatonal aqupuncture is anew matrix of 125 acupuncture points formed in the human tree of life and body geometry.  Learn the sacred earthing technique which activates nature's healing grid. Kerry is a Natural Lifestyle Coach and Eco - Kinesiologist. 

 ECO Kinesiology brings the physical, emotional, spiritual and ecological aspects of healing together based on the philosophies and teachings of the Universal Tree of life.

Kerryn's career in kinesiology began in 1981. Since then she has studied and completed over 3000 hours of kinesiology training.  She  was appointed as International Kinesiology College Faculty for TFH in 1991, and has held that position until 2000. In 1996, she co - founded the first Australian Kinesiology College with Dr. Charles Krebs and Christopher Rowe, which delivered the Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology as a government registered qualification…an Australian and a World first. She is a co-founder and co-developer of the initial Holistic Kinesiology Diploma and Advanced Diploma course in Australia.

In 1999 Kerryn was appointed as Australian Transformational Kinesiology Trainer. As she progressed into esoteric research, she developed ECO KINESIOLOGY for the purpose of evoking conscious physical mental & spiritual health in conjunction with ecological principles and lifestyle.

ECO KINESIOLOGY observes the basic requirements for reproducible kinesiology results with a few specific inclusions. Touch For Health developed by Dr. John Thie, is still the prime motivator behind what Karen does and she hopes to create a kinesiology environment which is both sacred and simple and available to all who wish to study at any level.   

 Joy Lee Connor, LMBT   -  Karmic Forgiveness Balance

Explore a blend of karma, forgiveness, Non-Violent Communication (NVC) principles, self-responsibility and kinesiology.

Non-violent Communication, Kinesiology and Forgiveness. A self-responsibility model to identify emotional and behavioral patterns and unmet needs while setting our goals for Touch for Health Kinesiology Balances.

Joy has used this model for about 8 years personally and professionally. She has taught the basic ideas to clients and students and had been encouraged to share the model publicly.

Joy is a TFHKA Instructor & Consultant , Licensed Massage Therapist, Chopra Center Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Instructor. She shares her ideas for TFH instructors/consultants to promote and deliver more efficiently the TFH Program in their local community.  Joy is the current TFHKA president.

 Pammyla Brooks M.S.  - The Power of the Pendulum: How to independently apply the Body’s Energy Fields in everyday life.

Have you ever wanted to do muscle testing without a second person? If so, attend this session to learn best practices and limitations regarding the use of a pendulum. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how to use pendulums with the body's energy fields as a form of muscle testing done by one person. Pammyla Brooks has been teaching interactive classes for 20 years and can teach anything and make it fun.

Topics range from Public Speaking to Wellness to computer classes and more. She has a M.S. in Clinical and Health Psychology. Pammyla Brooks is a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training and has worked as a Specialist for the State of TX for over ten years. Her book, “Choose Power” was published in 2008.


Earl Cook - eHum 

earl cookeHum with Om Multi-dimensional Vibratory Healing is a one-point balance and energizer that combines the latest research and understanding of the teachings of John Thie’s Touch for Health, the Living Matrix and ancient teachings.

Earl Cook CEO / President Laser Solutions has used Touch for Health since 1976. He is the creator and publisher of eTouch for Health was the recipient of the 2010 IKC John Thie Award. Earl is a professional Instructor and Consultant of Touch For Health. Gail Cook, Earl's wife and Vice President of Laser Solutions, Inc.Gail Cook has also used Touch for Health since 1976 and is the co-author of eTouch for Health. Both Earl and Gail are Life Members with the TFHKA.

 Patrick Knue Ph.d   Prescription Drug Abuse - Scope and Causes   Saturday Night Entertainment

A presentation to educate the audience on the scope of the prescription drug abuse problems and the role each stakeholder plays in contributing to and resolving the problem.

Patrick Knue graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1983 with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology. Mr. Knue was employed with the Texas Department of Public Safety for 30 years; 28 years in the Narcotics Service as a crime analyst, crime analyst supervisor, and program manager; 18 years specializing in prescription abuse; and 9 years as Program Manager of the Texas Prescription Program.  Since his retirement from DPS in January 2012, Mr. Knue has been hired as a consultant for the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Training and Technical Assistance Center through a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant with Brandeis University.


Scott Cuthbert D.C. - Best Practice Guidelines For Diagnosing Muscle Imbalance  – Goodheart, Thie & Janda: Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health & Physiotherapy


Best Practice Guidelines For Diagnosing Muscle Imbalance  – Goodheart, Thie & Janda: Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health & Physiotherapy discusses the interactions between the schools of thought in health care regarding muscle dysfunction.


Dr. Scott Cuthbert is the author of Applied Kinesiology Essentials: The Missing Link in Health Care (2014), and Applied Kinesiology: Clinical Techniques for Lower Body Dysfunctions (2013), (both of which are available at the TFHKA website). Dr. Cuthbert practices AK in Pueblo, Colorado. He has published 12 Index Medicus clinical outcome studies and literature reviews, and 50 peer-reviewed articles on AK/Touch For Health.



Henry Novak J.D., - The Resilience Advantage

“The Resilience Advantage” offers insight and practices for creating positive emotional states through synchronized harmony in heart, brain and nervous system activity resulting in increased personal resiliency and the reduction of stress.

Henry Novak is a Certified HeartMath trainer and coach and a former federal criminal prosecutor. He lives in Austin, Texas. 



Dr. John Martin, D.C., F.I.A.C.A. 

Accupressure Quick Points - Fast & Easy Fix it's.

 Dr. Martin, Chairman of the 2014 Touch for Health Annual Convention, is a Past President of the Congress of the Chiropractic State Associations, a  Past President of the Texas Chiropractic Association, Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture, has studied acupuncture in China  and has been in clinical practice using Applied Kinesiology for 45 years. He has been teaching TFH  for over 25 years.

 Learn one-point acupressure reflex points that stops pain or controls unwelcome activity (e.g. Hiccups, PMS. etc.). Students will learn these points  with minimal study and rapid results. Working with these accupressure relfex points have been shown to effect Hangovers, PMS, Motion Sickness,  Hiccups, Anxiety, Hemorrhoids, and many more.These are acupuncture reflexes you can add to your TFH classes and send the students out with a  method of demonstrating a non-drug technique to balance energy and relieve pain.

 Learn how to determine if any chi imbalances are in the body, find the meridian, find one point fix and balance their Chi in less than 5 minutes.     Well worth your time.

Adam Lehman -  Intro to Holographic Touch for Health

In this dynamic presentation, Adam will teach you how to take a muscle or meridian from any style of TFH balance (or other Energy Kinesiology modality) and go deeper into it by exploring the relationship of that muscle/meridian to all the other meridians. Assessing these relationships provides invaluable information that helps the practitioner understand more about the imbalance and what might be underlying their client's wellness challenges.

Whether you are doing a 14 muscle balance, a one point 5 Element balance, or virtually any other TFH/Energy Kinesiology style balance, you will learn how to easily identify specific relationships inherent in a meridian's imbalance. You will then balance at this deeper, more specific holographic level using a simple adaptation of TFH/Energy Kinesiology skills you already know.

Matthew Thie M.Ed., - TFH Metaphors of Selected Acupuncture Points     

Matt Thie

Learn deeper meanings and Metaphorical functions of Acupuncture points you may use every day in your TFH balancing. As with the Muscles, Meridians & Elements, knowing the Metaphors of switching points, alarm points and other acupressure points will deepen your understanding, and make your results more profound.

Matthew Thie, M.Ed.President, International Kinesiology College (2013), IKC Exec Board (2006-2013), B.A,  Literature , UC Berkeley, 1988,  M.Ed., UCLA in 1990TFH Instructor since 1980, TFH Instructor Trainer 2003, President, TFHKA (2009-2011) 


Sheldon Deal  D.C. - Balancing Ionization

Learn a method of balancing positive and negative ions by the use of mineral supplementation. This balancing is accomplished by using four ® different  kinds of minerals which include tow (2) types of calcium and two (2) types of potassium.

Dr. Deal was one of the original dirty dozen, along with Dr. Goodheart, who formed the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He was president of the College from 1978 to 1983.  He was president of the I.C.A.K. Board of Examiners for 20 years, and he is still on the Board of Examiners.  He has taught Kinesiology classes in Russia, Australia, and 12 countries in Europe and England, not to mention the Classes locally in the United States.  He has written 4 books, 2 on nutrition and 2 on kinesiology.  He is the head physician at Swan Clinic of Natural Healing in Tucson, Arizona, which boasts a staff of 20 people, including 6 doctors.  Dr. Deal is a naturopathic physician and, also, is a chiropractic physician.  He and his wife, Cindy, have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  He is frequently found lecturing to lay groups, as well as to professional healthcare providers.


Phyllis Books D.C.  - The Eyes Have It 

Eye Codes are a powerful way of accessing historical information locked in the body during various state of consciousness and awareness.  Come learn the various Eye Codes, what each code means, how to test them and utilize them in your daily practice.

Dr. Phyllis Books, a seasoned AK chiropractor, maintains a private practice specializing in pediatric neurology. She is the author of Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs, the founder of Books Neural Therapy( TM), developer of the first worldwide online course for parents, “The Dyslexia Reversal System” and the professional online and live classes of Books Neural Therapy. She is also an active board member of Brain Gym International.

Jan Cole M.Ed. Our Capricious Ileo-cecal Valve; It's Importance to Our Health

Provide Event Details. Who should come? What should they expect to get out of it? Include a photo to make your event even more appealing.The ileo-cecal valve is the connection between the ileum of the small intestine and the cecum of the large intestine. It acts like a doorway between the dining room and bathroom preventing material from going back from the large intestine to the small intestine. A myriad of symptoms can happen when the valve malfunctions from stress, emotions, pain, particular foods, dehydration, toxicities, postural imbalances, etc. We will learn to muscle check whether the valve is "stuck" open, closed or functioning normally and learn techniques and nutritional options to "balance" the valve for improved digestion and restored health.

Jan Cole started in Wholistic health studies in 1974 and has been a Certified TFH instructor since 1977. Jan specializes in “Wellness” trainings, acupressure, nutrition, Therapeutic Touch, NLP, PKP, HK, SIPPS, Neurolink, and Body Electronics. She took Applied Kinesiology with John Goodheart, Walther, Beardall and is knowledgable on other K’s. Jan is the past Colorado Holistic Health Network President and worked as part of the management team. She has served7 yrs on TFHKA's board and 4 of those years as President. Jan Cole has published numerous articles and two books.

Paul Hubbert, Ph.D - The Power of Holographic Sound and its Healing Effect on the Body

In this experiential lecture Paul Hubbert, Ph.D. will discuss the effects of Sound on the body, specifically Holographic Sound. Sound vibration is a primary mover for change. Everything in the body resonates to sound, bones, blood, organs. The emotional and mental body’s each have a tone or set of tones representing good or perfect health.Come and experience the extraordinary potential for yourself.

Dr. Paul Hubbert holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, an MBA, and is certified in Grief Recovery, and Hypnosis. Dr. Hubbert has been recognized by the White House for his family counseling work. He has been working with sound vibration for purposes of healing, shifting physical and emotional consciousness for over 23 years. 

He’s an Intuitive Channeler, Sound/Reiki Master, recording artist & teaches Holographic Sound techniques internationally.

Lee Lawrence  - TFHK techniques work, but why do they work?

TFHKA techniques work, but why do they work?  This presentation explains and demonstrates in detail the anatomy & physiology of the human soul and how it interacts with the physical body.   Lee explains how TFHK techniques work on the interface points between the stored perceptual programming memories and the physical body. 

Lee Lawrence is a retired CPA, Tax Law Professor, and Medical/Psychological Intuitive who experienced death and returned to his body in 1988. As a result of his experience he gained the ability to read the soul fields of people near him.  This includes very specific stored memories and emotions experienced since conception.  He has utilized this ability to conduct extensive research into understanding the anatomy & physiology of human consciousness and its integration with the body in creating medical and psychological disorders.  He is a TFHKA Instructor and serves on the TFHKA Board of Directors.

Lee presented a similar lecture/demonstration at the 2012 TFHKA Conference in Chicago and received a standing ovation and requests for many additional presentations in the USA and Canada.  His abilities allow him to explain and demonstrate how Touch for Health Kinesiology works and why it sometimes does not.  He also explains the effects most energy medicine healing modalities including Chinese Medicine, Reiki, EMDR, EFT, acupuncture, hypnosis, biofeedback, and the placebo effect.  Understanding the material he teaches enhances a practioner’s abilities, no matter the chosen modality. 





Dr. Janet Taylor - The Power Pack

 Dr. Janet Taylor has a 38 year rich history of using Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health in her chiropractic career. Not only have patients benefitted in her many offices but she became a certified Touch for Health instructor in 2011 teaching many lay persons in the Caribbean where she now resides.  In 2012 until the present she has served on the Board of Directors of Touch for Health Kinesiology.  Her passion and boundless energy motivates all those who come in contact with her as she “talks the talk and walks the walk” of a wellness lifestyle.  From Middlesboro, Ky , Harrogate Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennesse to the Caribbean islands of Dominica and Antigua, Dr. Taylor’s community outreach has been shifting paradigms about health and the human spirit that contributes  to higher consciousness world wide.



Arlene Green  - The Yin and the Yang of Successful Teaching

 Learn key elements and steps to marketing Touch for Health classes that will help instructors be successful in making their classes happen.         Arlene is a TFH IKC Faculty member and holds a B.S. Health Education.




Darcy Lewis   - TFH Consultants: Creating A Sacred Exchange

 Darcy Lewis has been a Touch For Health Instructor since 1981.  She has taught over a thousand students, but frankly, has had limited business skills.  Since retiring from teaching public school a few years ago, she has been dividing her time between TFHKA tasks and learning how to build a business.  She humbly shares what she has learned so that, as a consultant, you may use your unique skills to transform lives while also getting compensated.  That is a sacred exchange.



Larry Green -  WOW! That was a great presentation about TFH

Larry will demonstrate and explain how to give a great talk/demonstration to people who know nothing about kinesiology or TFH. Learn how to give a STRESS REDUCTION AND PAIN RELIEF presentation to any public group. How to set up the talk, engage the audience and WOW them so they think TFH is really cool.
Larry Green has been one of the most active TFH instructor for 20 years. Larry is a past president of the TFHKA association and a past executive director of the TFH office.

ThOmas MartIn. TegTmeyer - The Hero’s Quest for Ultimate Efficiency of the Conscious and Unconscious Realms

 Ride the divine healing wave through an overarching transformational process called “Ultimate Efficiency”. Based in great part on the fully documented journey of a near-death experiencer, Margaret A. Kean.

ThOmas is a TFH instructor/Consultant and a Ultimate Wellbeing EDUCATiON mieux-être ultime. For over 20 years, he taught wellness classes at the federal Canadian government staff offices including the House of Commons and has studied specialized kinesiology. From 2011 thru 2014, ThOmas has served on the board of directors, TFHKA.


Sheila Mitchell Ph.d.  - Facebook and Social Media - Fast, Easy and Fun

Get a peek at why you need to be on Facebook and other social media outlets.  Sheila will show the power Facebook as an amazing marketing tool.  Talk about it's ability to create community, share ideas and get the word out. See how easy and fun it can be.

Sheila is an innovative animal health research scientist with a strong background in the biological sciences. Dr. Sheila Mitchell has had a passion for holistic medicine and various healing techniques since she was a teenager.  She completed her Touch for Health training in 2012 and is a certified TFH instructor. Dr. Mitchell integrates other holistic techniques and TFHK in her work with animals and their people. Sheila is currently the Treasurer of TFHKA and is the administrator of the TFHKA facebook page. Her goals for her service to the association include communicating to the community, what is TFH, how people can benefit from TFH, and aid people on where they can take classes or find a practitioner. Although, TFH is considered the most widely used system of kinesiology, there are still many people who have never heard of TFH and she would like the opportunity to inform others of the many benefits TFH has to offer.

Earl Cook eInstructus 

earl cookA demonstration of a software tool that has been specifically created for Touch for Health Instructors to help them manage prospects, classes, rosters and student records and marketing.

eInstructus is a software application that Earl Cook has created since becoming a Touch for Health Instructor. The software is a direct result of the challenges that instructors face in attracting students, creating classes, managing rosters and tracking student progress. It is a multi-functional tool where information is entered one time and then used repeatedly for marketing, enrollment, rosters, billing, emails and letters.






Introduction PDF Print E-mail

Touch for Health (TFH) is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world. Millions of people have experienced and benefited from TFH. It is recognised and respected as a fundamental training for other kinesiology systems as well as a healing modality in it's own right – and a key source for the emergence of Energy Medicine, Brain Gym, Energy Kinesiology, and even Energy Psychology. (See the Touch for Health Tree)

TFH Kinesiology can be easily learned by anyone, with a little practice, without any prior knowledge of muscles, physiology, meridians, etc. The practical, hands-on Touch for Health Synthesis workshops are facilitated by Certified Touch for Health Instructors, trained by the Faculty of the International Kinesiology College (IKC), and active in over 60 countries worldwide.

In TFH we use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body's energy system. Using a holistic approach, we rebalance the body's energies and activate the body's intrinsic healing process so that the body can better heal itself. 

The TFH process can also assist individuals to better achieve their life goals and true potential with goal specific balancing.
We invite you to take greater control of your health and well being through learning these simple techniques that will last you a lifetime.
For those interested to learn and share these skills professionally, we invite you to consider becoming a certified TFH instructor.  For more information on how to become an instructor Please Click Here.
The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is an educational, non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching people how to empower themselves to improve their health and well-being through simple self help techniques.