About Touch for Health Kinesiology Association

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association (TFHKA) is a non-profit, member run, national organization, dedicated to educating the public about the Touch for Health self-help skills. In cooperation with the International Kinesiology College (IKC) in Austrailia, TFHKA supervises and maintains educational standards of Touch for Health in the United States. 

Touch for Health (TFH) is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world. It is recognized and respected as the foundation training for other kinesiology systems as well as being a healing modality in it’s own right. Energy Medicine, Brain Gym, Energy Kinesiology, and Energy Psychology are all outgrowths of the Touch for Health body of knowledge. 

TFH Kinesiology can be easily learned by anyone, with a little practice, without any prior knowledge of muscles, physiology, meridians, etc. The practical, hands-on Touch for Health workshops are facilitated by Certified Touch for Health Instructors active in over 60 countries worldwide. 

In TFH we use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body’s energy system. Utilizing a holistic approach, we re-balance the body’s energies and activate the body’s intrinsic healing process so that the body can better heal itself.

The TFH process can also assist individuals to better achieve their life goals and true potential with goal specific balancing.

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association is an educational, non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching people how to empower themselves to improve their health and well-being through simple self help techniques.


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