Conference Journals:

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2017 TFHKA Conference


  • Matthew Thie: Back to Basics with Touch for Health 1
  • Darcy Lewis Social Media and Your Business 13
  • Dee Martin & Dr. Gene DeLucia Nrf2: A Novel Approach to Balancing the Body’s Energy Wholistically
  • Charles Krebs The Etheric Body: It’s Role in Chronic Imbalances 21
  • Adam Lehman Holograms, Resonance & Coherence…. 28
  • Vickie Graham Sound of Balance: Vibrational Meditation and Visualization for the Creative Process of Manifesting 36
  • Alexis Costello Coming Through Clearly in a Noisy World 42
  • Anne Jenson The Oxford Studies: Validating Muscle Response Testing 44
  • John Maguire Finding ad Balancing Split Meridians 55
  • Amy Hannu The Power of the Spoken Word 57
  • Flo Barber-Hancock Understanding Structure & Function: A Step on the path toward Wellness 61
  • Denise Cambiotti & Heather Phillips Muscle Tuners International Inc. Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Tuned. 66
  • Arlene Green RESET: For Athletic Excellence and Rapid Injury Recovery 72
  • Gladys Diaz Balancing the Ki by Releasing Negative Thoughts 78
  • Wanda Pacheco-Bou Breath Balance with Your Hands 81
  • Wayne Topping Touch for Health: A Solution for Hidden Epidemics 89
  • Robert Frost Energy Balancing with Gemstones 98
  • Larry Green Goal Setting Skills: Supercharging Your TFH Balances 110
  • Sheldon Deal Finding the Priority Sequence in a Balance 114
  • Doug Akerman SIPS 123
  • Richard Harnack Touch for Health: Muscle Work Not Magic 129
  • Joy Conner What’s a Triple Warmer? 132
  • Masato Nakamura TFH 14 Muscles fix as you go Session and the Top Ten Pain Releaser Clinical Case Study with Physiological Diagnosis Machine (AMSAT) 138
  • Norma Harnack Standardized Tool for Verifying the Effects of Touch For Health Balancing 143

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