Red Flags with Bruce and Joan Dewe


Post-Conference Workshop



Red Flags with Bruce and Joan Dewe 

May 31-June 1 | 9AM-6PM | Riverside Hotel

Red Flags in Kinesiology is about “staying within the boundaries of safe clinical practice”. As members of the Health Industry, kinesiologists need to develop an understanding of the assessment routine, diagnostic process and treatment implementation used in “orthodox” Medical Practice as well as most Natural Therapies and Traditional Health and Healing Modalities. This model, the result of the Cartesian division, is very different from both the Energy Medicine understanding of the connection between the physiological and subconscious worlds and the participatory model of the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Protocol.

People who complete this unit are able to explain an orthodox assessment routine, diagnostic process and how to implement a treatment plan; compare and contrast it with the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Protocol and recognize ‘red flag’ situations and refer to medical or other specialist care.

In this workshop, Dr Dewe will cover:

Seven reasons why diagnosis is important

  • Why you need some understanding of the diagnostic process.

When muscle weakness is not an unlocking muscle  

  • There is a difference, and you should know the common six reasons.
  • When should you refer to a neurologist?

Recognizing a mental disorder  

  • When a mental problem needs combined care.
  • Psychological disorders and DSM IV.
  • We do not have all the skills.

Standard systematic questions  

  • Sort clients’ problems quickly, efficiently.
  • Know when a client’s problem is within the scope of kinesiology.
  • Standard questions also protect the client.

How to use flow-charts  

  • Acute & chronic pains – chest & abdominal.
  • Male and female health challenges.
  • Sort headaches, vomiting, skin problems.\

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