Mastery of Emotional Stress Release with Bruce and Joan Dewe


Pre-Conference Workshop



Mastery of Emotional Stress Release with Bruce and Joan Dewe 

May 27-28 | 9am-6pm | Riverside Hotel

Frontal/occipital holding, as taught in Stress Release Made Easy, is a powerful kinesiology stress release technique and can sometimes be all you need to relieve clients’ mental and emotional stress.

But sometimes you need to go beyond the fontal/occipital hold – this workshop will help you develop further understanding and skills by teaching you a total of 20 emotional stress defusion techniques.

This is a hands-on, interpersonal, experiential intensive workshop that will make a positive difference in the way you work with clients.

In this workshop, you will learn to assist clients with:

  • Find new resources;
  • See new possibilities;
  • Use their senses and intuition;
  • State what they are feeling, want and are willing to do to achieve this;
  •  Use imagery, symbolic encapsulation, and pictures frame, active listening and role-play;
  • Defuse stress related to (but not limited to) challenges to their authority and terminating relationships

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