Holographic TFH 1 with Adam Lehman


Post-Conference Workshop



Holographic TFH 1 with Adam Lehman 

May 31-June 1 | 9AM-6PM | Riverside Hotel

Level 1: Holographic Touch for Health, you will learn how to use your favorite TFH tools holographically…meaning you will always be looking at the relationship between meridians, not just focusing on a single meridian to balance.

This provides many advantages for the practitioner and the client:  

  • More information to better understand the nature of the imbalance.
  • Sending the healing power of the modality (NLs, NVs, etc.) directly to the relationship, not just the single meridian.
  • Understand how when you balance for the relationship, you’re also balancing the whole – making for an incredibly efficient balancing process.

You’ll walk away with a comprehensive holographic balancing system that you can put to use right away. Additionally, you’ll get new, in-depth information regarding precision muscle testing, hand modes, circuit retaining mode, acupressure holding points, spindle cells and more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to attend Holographic TFH at this year’s conference…make your travel plans so that you can attend. See you in Boise!

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