GEMS Elementals with Alexis Costello


Pre-Conference Workshop



GEMS Elementals with Alexis Costello

May 27-28 | 9am-6pm | Riverside Hotel

A fresh look at 5-Element Theory and energetic physiology. For those who wish to dive deep into the personality types for each element, balancing their life tasks and psychology and working with the tan tien meridian matrix.

This workshop goes through each of the elements, in turn, discussing personality points, conditions that can arise when the energy is out of balance, and the energetic physiology of the involved organ systems and glands. There are then several balances to help those working with aspects of personality and big life goals where they feel stuck. The Tan Tien mode and balance mentioned earlier are a part of this workshop.

GEMS Elementals works beautifully with the GEMS flow chart and scan sheets, but prior GEMS experience is not required to participate in this course.  Anyone with basic muscle testing skills who is curious about working with 5-Elements in a more fluid way will benefit from attending this workshop.

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