Body Management Protocol with Brian Haraga


Post-Conference Workshop



Body Management Protocol with Brian Haraga

May 31-June 1 | 9AM-6PM | Riverside Hotel

Body Management uses several simple and painless techniques to help restore the body’s energy. Some of the focal points of Berry’s Body Management is in working with the organs, cranium release, cross- over switches, four main power switches, hiatus hernia, hip displacement, ileocecal valve, left-brain Vs right brain, lower back strengthening, lymphatic ducts, prolapsed colon, skeletal structure etc…

A great way to understand the balancing techniques you will be using in working with the body is to use the analogy of the electrical wiring in a house. If the light does not come on, you try another switch, fuse, or circuit breaker. The body can enter into an ascending state of great health by getting the organs in their proper place, balancing the body, cleansing the organs, giving the body proper nutrition, exercise and rest.

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