Special thanks to long time Touch for Health members and instructors, Earl and Gail Cook for the creation of the TFH Link Tree! 

The tree below is a representation of the many kinesiology programs/trainings which grew out of Touch For Health. To the right of the tree is a list of other TFH associations around the world. You may click on the tree to be taken to the interactive version on the eTouch for Health website or check out any of the links below for more information.

  1. Applied Physiology

Agape Quest is an interactive process that introduces the solid tools we need to develop self-mastery in our individual journey of personal awareness. Through Agape Quest we learn how pain is merely a mechanism that our body uses to signal the next step on our journey to well-being. Agape Quest then teaches us the skills we need to use our attitudes, thoughts and feelings to actively change our daily lives.

  1. Brain Gym

Brain Gym® is a program of physical activities that enhance learning ability.  The activities are easy and enjoyable, and they bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening, physical coordination, and more.  Brain Gym® develops the brain’s neural pathways the way nature does: through movement.

  1. Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology

Non-profit organization with members throughout Canada and North America. The Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK), created to provide a professional organization to support the education of ordinary lay people and health care professionals who value Specialized Kinesiology as a tool for promoting self-care, well-being, and preventative health. Its intent is to support our common interests in Specialized Kinesiology and to honour the differences in our chosen modalities.

  1. Clinical Kinesiology, CK Alan Beardall, D.C. – USA

  1. Cyberkinetics – Cybernetic Kinesiology Alan Sales – England, UK

Cyberkinetics is essentially about the principles of Cybernetics combined with Human Biocomputers feedback mechanisms which are available through using Kinesiology binary, analogue and molecular muscle testing techniques.

It places much less importance on the notion of Binary logic and of set protocols that match a technique to solve a problem and instead greater emphasis is placed on the multi-dimensional aspects of the Analogue process and the Modality concept in the Biocomputer to direct every operation at every stage of the treatment.

  1. Energy Kinesiology Awareness Council (EKAC)

The Energy Kinesiology Awareness Council (EKAC) is a non-profit (pending) organization who’s mission statement is: To raise the awareness of the North American public to the benefits of Energy Kinesiology. The EKAC is a non-member organization funded solely through donations from those interested in the growth and awareness of Energy Kinesiology. By pooling resources from the greater community, the EKAC will be able to accomplish much more than any single person or organization. With a board made up of people with media and business experience, as well as being Energy Kinesiologists, the EKAC is in a prime position to help move the field forward in ways that haven’t been accomplished before.

  1. Energy Kinesiology Association (Enka)

EnKA is an individual and group membership non-profit organization dedicated to uniting, educating, and assisting energy kinesiologists in the United States.

  1. Enhanced Learning

At Enhanced Learning & Integration we are committed to bringing you techniques to get you – and keep you – performing your absolute best. Whether you are interested in improving your creativity, ability to learn, ability to handle stress, productivity on the job, or just to keep yourself up to date on fascinating information, enhancedlearning.com is the place to be.

  1. eTouch for Health

eTouch for Health is software (Windows and Macintosh) used in learning, teaching and practicing Touch for Health. The software contains: the complete content of Touch for Health: The Complete Edition by John Thie and Matthew Thie in a searchable reference; tracking for clients or families and friends; an extensive Muscle Reference with digital videos of the muscle tests; and a sophisticated session system for recording results and printing reports. Includes extensive charts, illustrations, instructions and digital movies of all 42 muscles tests and the TFH balancing techniques. A ‘session wizard’ guides you through the creation of balancing sessions and allows recording your results for reports and archiving sessions. Great for beginner, advanced practitioner and instructors.

Earl Cook, the developer of the eTouch software, teaches Touch for Health Levels I – IV and uses eTouch in all his classes.

  1. Excel-ability

Excel-ability Learning is a learning resource site for educators, for businesses which depend on a continually learning workforce, and for learners of all ages. Learning is a major key for coping with the rapidly changing nature of our society, economy, workplace, and family life. This information centre is geared to those who seek to understand more about the learning process and are interested in discovering available resources and opportunities.

  1. Health Action Network Society Alternative Health Information – Canada

Health Action Network Society is a membership based, independent, charitable organization gathering and disseminating the choices & voices of health promotion.

We’re here to give you, the consumer, the opportunity to choose how you look after your health. We do not promote any one modality, remedy or therapy. We are here strictly to gather and provide information on the varieties that are out there for you to choose from.

  1. Health, Wealth & Happiness

Wholistic Kinesiology and other information on alternative health.

  1. Holistic Healing Web Page

The Internet’s Premiere Resource for Holistic Medicine.

  1. Holistic Kinesiology United Kingdom

Holistic Kinesiology is an holistic therapy based on asking the body what it needs to return it to optimum health.

  1. Innersource

Donna Eden is one of the world’s most effective healers. Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, she not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see subtle energies how to work with them— joyfully and effectively. She has treated over 10,000 individual clients and has taught hundreds of classes, speaking to packed houses throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

  1. International Association of Specialized Kinesiology (IASK)

In the natural health field, the term Specialized Kinesiology is used to indicate the many systems which have sprung from Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health. Here, muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. This aspect of kinesiology is also called “muscle balancing” and can be found in courses such as Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym, Health Kinesiology, Neural Organization Technique (NOT), Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP), Three-In One-Concepts, Bio-Kinesiology, Applied Physiology and Hyperton-X to name a few.

  1. International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

ICPKP is centred on quality assurance in Kinesiology education, training and practice.

  1. International College of Applied Kinesiology

The International College of Applied Kinesiology (AK) is an interdisciplinary organization of doctors dedicated to providing an eclectic approach to health care. The examination method helps the doctor determine not only the cause of health problems, but also the best method of restoring and maintaining optimum health.

  1. The IKC International Kinesiology College

IKC promotes the Touch for Health program as a basis for any Kinesiology education emphasizing the educational model. The IKC sets, reviews and maintains quality standards for the teaching of TFH programs; initiates a training program for ITW leader trainees and continuing education programs for existing trainers and promotes research and development to show how TFH works.

  1. K-Power
  1. Kinergetics

Philip Rafferty – AustraliaKinergetics is a system of Kinesiology that uses healing energy as the only correction. Philip Rafferty, a Melbourne Kinesiologist, developed Kinergetics and the RESET format to balance the jaw which can help to relieve pain and ailments.Kinergetics is a fast, non-invasive, simple, effective method of releasing pain and stress and locating and correcting some of the emotional and metaphysical causes of disease.

  1. Kinesiohealth Adam Lehman, ND

Gateway to cutting edge of complementary alternative health care. We aim to provide information about services and education about the benefits of Specialized Kinesiology, muscle monitoring, for you health and well-being.

  1. Kinesiology.org

The web site for kinesiologic medicine, applied kinesiology, specialized kinesiology and manual muscle testing.

  1. Kinesiology Connection

This site is specifically designed as an informative package, describing the many benefits the wonderful world of Kinesiology has to offer. In a nut-shell; what it is, and what we do. If you are interested in learning more about Kinesiology, then there’s definitely something here for you.

  1. Kinesiology Institute

John Varun Maguire.  Applied Kinesiology was first developed by George Goodheart, DC in the 1960’s. Utilizing techniques from Oriental medicine and recent discoveries in bodywork, it has the advantage of giving you a method to find the source of a person’s problem and a way to determine which technique will give you the best and most immediate results . We do this by accessing the “human biocomputer” through doing manual muscle testing, which is an outstanding tool for understanding and correcting musculoskeletal pain and problems. This can tell us exactly what a person needs to achieve balance and optimum health, thus eliminating the guesswork.

  1. Kinesiology Net

At Kinesiology Net you will find useful information about Applied Kinesiology, Specialized Kinesiology and Manual Muscle Testing, addresses to schools and associations around the world and many www-links to other web-sites about Applied and Specialized Kinesiology.

  1. Loving Life

A non-profit foundation dedicated to research and teaching in touch healing. Learn the latest Stress & Pain Management Techniques for Optimal Performance and Life Satisfaction.
Featuring: Self-Help for Stress and Pain plus Learning Blocks

  • Loving Life Newsletter | FAQ | Self-Help Classes
  • Self-Help Topics:
    Aches & Pains | Foot Pain | Headaches | Fitness & Performance | Learning Blocks & Dyslexia | Musician Stress & Pain | Office & Computer Stress | Tendonitis – CTS – RSI
  • Information & Resources:
    Introduction & Background | Repetitive Muscle Stress | Muscle Testing | Brain-Muscle Communication | Sample Techniques | Success Stories | What People Are Saying | Who We Are | Elizabeth’s Story | Classes & Lectures | Books, Cards & Videos | Links to Other Sites | Guestbook
  1. M.U.M. Zentrum Switzerland
  1. Polarity Healthcare

Our mission is to raise awareness of energy based healthcare by providing quality training in energetic principles and therapies, promoting research and community education, and making state of the art treatment available to our students, clients and communities.

  1. Subtle Energy

Dr. Jimmy Scott created Health Kinesiology (HK), a system of bioenergetic kinesiology that finds disturbed energy flow in the body/mind and corrects it helping many people heal energetically from a huge range of psychological, physical, and environmental issues and how he and his HK teachers, a group of professional, highly skilled practitioners are teaching HK around the world in many languages both to professional healers as well as people who just want to help themselves and their families (including pets!) overcome health problems.

  1. The Touch For Health Instructors Association Australia (TFHIAA)

The Registered Touch For Health Instructors Association (TFHIAA) was created to represent the needs of TFH Instructors and Facilitators in Australia, and to promote Touch For Health® to the general public as a system of complementary health care.

  1. 3 In One Concepts, Inc Gordon Stokes.

Discover How Children Can Easily Overcome “Learning Disabilities” And Unleash Their Full Potential For Knowledge!

  1. Touch for Health – Conference 2005 in Basel
  1. Touch for Health Education Dr. John Thie & Matthew Thie

Touch for Health is a holistic approach to health which teaches the restoring of our natural energies. It is a practical guide to natural health using acupressure, touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. This site offers a schedule of TFH seminars, a catalog of Touch for Health educational materials, self help and other Touch for Health techniques, testimonials of people being helped by Touch for Health, a newsletter, and a list of faculty worldwide.

  1. U.S. Kinesiology Institute

Training institute offering courses taught by Larry and Arlene Green including: Touch for Health – Levels I – IV, TFH Proficiency Skills/Instructor Update and Instructor Training Workshops.  Other courses offered include: The Top Ten Pain Releasers, The Specific Neuromuscular Reset Technique, Energy Medicine for Pets and Animals, Kinesiology for Horses, Miracle Workers Training and Emotional Repatterning.

  1. Vital Health

Our focus is on Education and information sharing on the fascinating field of Wholistic Healing, Natural Therapies and Wellness. This includes the Therapies known as: Therapeutic Massage, Remedial Massage, Polarity Therapy, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine as well as Personal development, Anatomy and Physiology, Energetic therapies, Environmental Health and Vital Health Education.

  1. Wellness Kinesiology Wayne W. Topping, Ph.D.

A series of at least 17 workshops covering many aspects of the emotional, nutritional and structural realms. Developed by Dr. Wayne Topping, Wellness kinesiology has its roots in both Touch for Health and Biokinesiology and is being taught in many parts of the world.