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Submit A Roster


Detailed Instructions

Once you click on  the “Submit A Roster” image above, you will be taken to a new window. Click on “Enter New Roster.”

1. Enter member number and click submit

2. Add any additional instructor by inputting their member number in the space provided and click submit

3. Once instructors are added you will be required to submit class name, approved hours, date, location, and time. Read the instructions carefully over each box. Do NOT use enter once you have added information. You may tab between fields or use your mouse to click into each one. Once all required information has been entered click Submit to begin adding students.

4. If you are entering a student who has never taken a TFH class, click Student Not Found Create New to the right of the search bar. In order for TFH to accurately record data required for licensure, please submit as much information as possible for each student. Member numbers will be assigned after submission and provided to instructors and students.

5. If you are entering a returning student, begin by entering a few letters of the first and last name into the designated search bar then click Search. A list of students that matches your search criteria should appear below the search bar. Click Select next to the student name you would like to add to the roster. Student information will appear for you to update if necessary. Once you have made any changes, click Add to Roster.

6. A list of students will populate in the top right hand corner of the roster submission page. You may click Delete next to their name at any time during submission to remove students from the roster.

7. Repeat step 4 or 5 for each student.

8. Once all students have been added, click Submit Final Roster below the student list. You will receive an email within 24 hours with a roster to review. Please respond with any corrections as well as the number and type of certificates needed for each student.