Brian Haraga

Brian Haraga began using muscle monitoring for horses at age 15. By 16, an auto accident left him severely debilitated. Al Berry’s Body Management work enabled Brian to recover and get back to rodeoing. Brian’s work reflects his life lessons as well as his in-depth study of the body (human and animal) and how it works.

Brian is an instructor for Touch For Health, Body Management, Equine/Pet therapy, Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis Instructor, and a former Educational Kinesiology Instructor. Brian is also a professional PKP Practitioner in Canada and incorporates many other modalities.

Brian has more than 30 years of experience working on people and with all kinds of animals. His main focus is his clinical work in Stettler, Alberta, Canada; with his wife Eli, where he works with all kinds of people with various minor to major problems, ONE PERSON AT A TIME. He gives them a wealth of knowledge such as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional aspects of the human body. Brian says, “this healing modality allows me to help people to enhance their lives to its full potential in a caring straight forward manner”. Brian says, “that one of his major accomplishments was to be able to teach his own children Touch for Health at the ages of eight and ten.