Joining the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association is one of the best ways to bring the positive benefits of Touch for Health into your life. Membership in the Association provides you with the opportunity to promote the value of Touch for Health. It puts you in touch with a larger community that shares your enthusiasm and support for Touch for Health and your general well-being.

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Basic Membership

For the individual who wants to stay in touch with TFHKA and receive  our newsletter.

6 Month Complimentary Student Membership

NEW – Coming Spring 2018! Students who complete an Introductory or Touch For Health Level 1 course will receive a complimentary 6 month membership. This membership becomes active after the student;s certificate is processed. New students will receive an email with information about their complimentary membership and log-in information. After 6 months students may choose to upgrade their membership to an Associate Membership.

Associate Membership

For the individual who has had  kinesiology training including Touch For Health Level 1 and integrates Touch for Health into their existing business and or wellness practice.

Professional Instructor Membership

For the individual who is a certified Touch For Health Instructor.

Professional Instructor Consultant Membership

For the individual who is a certified Touch For Health Instructor and Consultant.


 Compare Member Benefits

Member Benefit

Complimentary Student Membership

Associate Member

Professional Instructor and/or Consultant

Quarterly Member NewsletterX X X
Access to Member Resources on WebsiteX X X
Voting Rights  X X
Digital Copy of Annual Conference Journal  X X
Referrals and support from TFHKA office  X X
Listed in TFHKA Directory  X X
Liability Insurance for $149 through Massage Magazine  X X
Access to Instructor Resources on Website   X
Classes Advertised on Website   X
Discounts in the Store on Books and Supplies   X
Rights to use TFHKA and IKC Name and Logo   X
Discount on Ads in Quarterly Newsletter   X
Certified to Provide CEU Certificates to RNs, LMTs, Acupuncturists   X


How Membership Works

Membership is due annually and is set up as an automatic recurring billing. Members receive notification 30-days prior to their membership due date.

Instructor and Instructor/Consultant members are reviewed before their renewal date to ensure they have meet the TFHKA and IKC requirements to maintain membership status.