Hannah Costello

Ezra: “Hannah, always fascinated by mum’s work, took the Touch for Health synthesis as soon as she could sit still for an extended period of time. She has always been extremely devoted to this line of work, even at a very young age. I am still surprised that I managed to keep up with her enough to take the Proficiency and Instructor courses with her. She proudly upholds the legacy of Kinesiology, when she isn’t busy holding a stack of fiction novels or a cat. Her most prized possessions include her set of pencil crayons and her authentic Italian top hat, and she’s planning on learning Klingon as soon as it comes out on Duolingo.”

Ezra Costello

Hannah: “Perhaps earning him his position as a TFH instructor and GEMS practitioner, Ezra is one of the most energy-sensitive people I know. Being the younger of the twins, Ezra has, to the best of our knowledge, become the youngest TFH instructor in practice today, if not the youngest ever. Also one of the most creative people I know, Ezra is currently working to become an animator. He loves video games and is also well on his way to becoming a crazy cat lady. He has a collection of rocks and crystals which, of course, are carefully and energetically chosen, as well as a collection of random information on myths and legends that have not yet proved useful, but if Ragnarok comes, we will all be grateful for it.