The Integration Odyssey: Navigating Touch For Health into Different Modalities To Create Your Own Practice

WHAT: 49th Annual Touch for Health Kinesiology Association Conference

DATES: April 17-21st, 2024

WHERE: Branson Convention Center | Branson, Missouri


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Join us at the 49th Annual TFHKA Conference

Key Takeaways:

  • Integration and Expansion: Learn how to integrate Touch for Health with other modalities to expand your kinesiology practice and offer comprehensive treatment options.
  • Personalized Approach: Combine Touch for Health with different modalities to create a personalized treatment plan for each client, optimizing outcomes and promoting overall well-being.
  • Professional Growth: Stay updated with the latest research and developments in kinesiology by exploring the integration of Touch for Health into different modalities, fostering continuous professional growth.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Connect with peers in the kinesiology community, sharing experiences and collaborating on innovative approaches that incorporate Touch for Health into various modalities.
  • Empowerment and Success: Gain the knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate the integration of Touch for Health, enabling you to create your own successful and fulfilling kinesiology practice.
Students, wellness practitioners, and TFH teachers are encouraged to attend. If you are interested in Touch for Health and Energy Kinesiology, this Conference is for YOU!

*All Conference Attendees will have access to the 2024 Conference recordings for 1 year. Maximize your learning experience, by being able to revisit and rewatch presentations as needed to support your knowledge, understanding, and continuing education.

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association has been hosting an Annual Conference since 1975

This yearly event was established to provide the TFH community an opportunity to get together for support, education, and to foster the growth of Touch for Health Kinesiology across the globe.

3 Great Reasons to Mark Your Calendar and Plan to Attend the 2024 Annual TFHKA Conference


Presenters at the TFHKA conference are leaders in the field of Kinesiology and Wellness

       Presenters have years of hands-on, practical experience working with clients, teaching, and providing education for using muscle monitoring, Touch for Health Kinesiology, and other associated modalities to balance the body and enhance health.


Information and Education shared at TFHKA Conferences is applicable to all levels of experience

       Whether you are a student that’s new to Touch for Health and energy balancing, or you are a TFH Instructor with years of practical experience doing and teaching Touch for Health, the opportunity to learn, grow, and share together at the Annual TFHKA Conference is priceless.


There is no better place than the TFHKA Annual Conference to be surround by positive, like-minded people who are enthusiastic about improving health on all levels thru energy balancing.

       Attendees are eager to continue enhancing our skills and empowering ourselves, our friends, our families, and our communities, to use Touch for Health and other energy balancing modalities for self-care and wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

With a strong emphasis on Touch for Health, the Annual TFHKA Conference provides both members and non-members the chance to continue learning and enhancing their skills for energy balancing.

Key Benefits of Attending the TFHKA Annual Conference include:

  • Improve Your Skills
  • Elevate Your Expertise
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Gain Insights to Grow Your
  • Build a Network to Support Your
  • Develop Friendships within the
    TFHKA Community that Will Last a Lifetime

The Touch for Health Kinesiology Association’s aim is to inspire, encourage, and grow Touch for Health Kinesiology, and energy balancing as an important resource for self-care, and improved well-being.  The Annual TFHKA Conference provides an excellent opportunity to support and nurture this goal.  


Matthew Thie

Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Golden Book: How the curriculum for TFH has Evolved and Grown over the years as Evidenced in the Touch For Health Progressive Editions

I grew up during the developments of the TFH Foundation and the birth of the TFHKA and the IKC.  We had a big celebration at the 25 year mark, looking at our history and the many streams of Kinesiology that grew out of the TFH.  Since then, I have been actively teaching TFH in the USA and around the world and now we’ve reached the 50 year mark.  This presentation will consider some of the original ideas, as well as the changes and developments, in the TFH book, the teaching program, the association in the USA (and around the world) and the TFH School of the International Kinesiology College.
We will also consider some of the recent adaptation and new directions and opportunities for sharing TFH in more ways, with more people.

Elizabeth Morse

3 Strategies Using Touch for Health to Eliminate Test Anxiety: Effective Ways to Shift Mindset for Great Test Outcomes

Learn how to help test anxiety from Touch for Health instructor and energy worker Elizabeth Morse, who has developed a program shown to help people with test anxiety overcome it with amazing results: an 800 on the SAT Math Subject Test for the student who had been testing below 50th percentile in practice tests. Students with test anxiety getting a 34 (out of 35) on the ACT, a 1570 (out of 1600) on the SAT (student was named a National Merit Finalist and was awarded a scholarship by his college), and a 171 (97th percentile) on the LSAT. Professionals who failed the bar and the test for licensing for marriage and family therapists instead passing them with ease. How does Elizabeth do it? By helping the conscious mind partner with the subconscious/unconscious mind. Why? Because our divided minds are fighting each other without us even being aware of it.     Discover how to help the conscious mind partner with the subconscious mind and expand your client waiting list.

Payge Hodapp

Neurovascular Reflexes: How They Work to Improve Mental and Physical Health

It is generally accepted that mental health is a major concern for the wellbeing of the population of the USA, and increasingly so during and following the COVID pandemic. This presentation offers a look at the Bennett Reflexes, known as Neurovascular Reflexes in the Touch for Health community. These reflexes can have a powerful effect on emotional well-being (as well as physical well-being). By reviewing their application as taught in Touch for Health 1-4 classes and then offering additional techniques for their use, this presentation will offer powerful techniques for relieving stress and improving mental well-being.

Wayne Topping

Magnesium and Your Health:

Using Kinesiology to Identify a Need for Magnesium

Touch for Health has played a part in the development of Wellness Kinesiology and is worthy of being acknowledged for that as we celebrate the special occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publishing of the original Touch for Health book.   That book came out in 1973 and I took my first TFH class in 1976 just three years later.

Examining the critical role magnesium plays in our health and the various kinesiological ways to show the body’s need for it using muscle tests associated with a deficiency of magnesium.

Jennifer Haynes

Kinesio-Massage:  Integrating Kinesiology During Massage

Learn how to seamlessly integrate kinesiology techniques into a full body massage. In this presentation I will do three things. 1- we will talk about the drastic improvement a massage can have utilizing kinesiology techniques. 2-we will talk about how
to teach this techniques in a Touch for Health class. 3-we will talk about how to market Touch for Health Kinesiology to massage therapists in a relevant way.

Maurizio Piva

Objectivology: The science for setting practical, workable and achievable goals into your practice and daily life

Setting goals is a practice that is used together with kinesiology, especially with Touch for Health and some other kinesiology modalities that came from Touch for Health. Objectivology is teaching you how to create and challenge a good goal without the use of muscle testing and how to make sure that the issue that concerns the person that you are balancing will be solved when the goal is reached. With Objectivology you can make sure to look at the person as a whole entity rather than concentrating on physical parts or one of the different levels of the human complex. Objectivology is not only a method to be used in a balancing practice; it is a lifestyle philosophy.

Darcy Lewis

Pelvic Floor Muscles: How to Balance Them Using Surrogate Muscles

This is the problem no one talks about…
Do you sometimes “leak” when you sneeze or cough? Do you have “urgency incontinence?  Did you have an episiotomy?
Have you done too much heavy lifting?  Do you have pain during intercourse?  Do you have the ability to stop urine flow midstream?  If you or your clients would answer yes to the first six questions and no to the seventh, don’t miss this presentation! (This is not just for women.)  I will share data from my study including the changes pre and post-the-balance procedure. Using a volunteer, I will go through the procedure step by step, with Q & A after it is complete.

Ashley Goos

Culture and Experience – Responses to TFH Basics

In this course I will present data collected over the past year and facilitate a discussion surrounding my findings.
Firstly, I introduced basic TFH techniques to my dance students, and we practiced them in each class over the course of the semester. I surveyed my students in beginning ballet and advanced ballet at weeks 2, 8, and 15 of the academic semester to
gauge their interaction with the content. After the first semester the results were mixed, so at the onset of the second semester I shifted how I presented the material to my students. The results were vastly different.
I would like to present this aggregated data and have a discussion about how the culture of the class, the experience level of the dancers, and the way the content is presented impact how students interact with the information.

Adam Lehman

The Neurology Of Muscle Spindle Cells

In this presentation, the author will provide a review of the neurology and physiology of the spindle cell mechanism. The intent of this is to shed light on the spindle’s role in defining proper application of performing a “muscle test” (which I’ll refer to as Muscle Response Feedback, or MRF) based on the underlying neurological/physiological principles involved. In doing so, I hope to answer one of the age-old questions that people first learning kinesiology inevitably ask – “How much pressure do I use?” –   and explain why this is actually the wrong question.

Attendees will walk away with a new perspective of how MRF works, and a clear understanding of how to apply and/or teach MRF. A discussion of how to change your current habit (if necessary) will also be offered.

Token Plaskett

Playing with Entropy and Creation in the Five Elements: Moving in Life with the Veracity and Joy of Knowing One’s Self

When a client needs something that allows movement and freedom to choose their own path for a goal. Using 5 elements with metaphor and music, whether they simply sit and listen or get up and move, they know, and it allows the integration of
muscles and meridians at their own pace, within their own path.
Anything can happen in a balance! Join me in the Labyrinth and see another simple way to use the 5 elements for self noticing. This technique is only a part of the whole, and can be used for the whole balance, or for just a part, “as needed”.    The fun part of this is how easy it is to learn as an instructor or consultant, and to apply it in class or with clients, children or adults love this. The freedom to acknowledge what is the best tool in whatever moment brings self empowerment and self realization.  And it’s soooo FUN!!!! I am excited to share this with you all 😉

Hugo Tobar

Survival Mechanisms of the Psyche: Understanding the Fight / Flight Mechanisms of the Psyche

This talk will be about how the psyche copes with being dis-empowered by adopting archetypal behaviour patterns.

Joy Connor

Move Your Body, Clear Your Emotions and Change Your Mind

Range of Motion Games With Metaphors

Many Touch For Health Metaphors were established through the work of John and Matthew Thie. During the Metaphors class, I received a balance that changed my practice with clients. In this presentation, we will explore muscle range of motion
(ROM) games that balance muscles in the TFH model. The ROM games are lighthearted and relatively easy to remember so they are very accessible to clients for homework support. While the ROM’s are simple, they can have profound results
when combined with action of mind and consciously processing and releasing stagnant emotional energy.

John Maguire

Presenting Sheldon Deal’s Shortcuts



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