Presenters April 24th-28th 2019

Anne de Wild

The Five Temperaments and the Magical Power of Humor
2500 years ago, the  temperaments were discovered by Hippocrates. Ever since, they have been relevant. Why? Some seem better, others more difficult. With more knowledge about the Temperaments via a set of insight cards and the magic power of humor we can start to transform what might feel like a curse into a blessing and gain insight about ourselves.

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Anne de Wild was born in Rotterdam in 1971 and has lived in Switzerland since 1974. Her career in kinesiology began at the family table when her mother, Margriet de Wild, started a school for kinesiology, the Institut de Wild. While becoming a mother of four children herself she also graduated as a Naturopath in 1998 at the Akademie für Naturheilkunde in Basel. After 15 years of working with clients and teaching Touch for Health and The 5 Temperaments her growing interest in Anthroposophy needed to be nurtured. One year of foundation studies at the Goetheanum in Dornach, let her to Biography work and social art. She will finish her studies in Spring Valley, NY this year. Listening is her superpower and it’s still underestimated. With interest, humor and presence she loves to encounter fellow human beings. 

Colleen Gardner

Come to Your Senses …All 12 of Them!!!
Enjoy an Experiential and Educational Journey (based on early 19th Century Philosopher and Educator Rudolph Steiner’s work) expanding upon on our familiar 5 Senses.
Experience all 12 in a Goal Balance, with correlations to the 5 Elements and 12 Meridians.’s work

Colleen C Gardner B.A, Edu-K has been a pioneer in the education and Holistic health fields for 40 years. She has been an active TFH Instructor since 1981 and became the first International Faculty for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in 1986. When she’s not out in the world teaching TFH and BrainGym she sees clients at an Integrative Medicine Center in her home in the Rocky Mts of Colorado.

Charles Krebs

A New Concept of the Etheric Body and its Role in Chronic Imbalances in Physical Systems
A few years ago Dr. Krebs presented on the topic of Balancing the Etheric Field of Muscles. He returns to go more in-depth with this topic, presenting his research on why some muscles do not maintain balance unless both the muscles and it’s etheric field are balanced together. And how this applies to the body as a whole.

Charles Krebs Ph.D. has fifteen years teaching and research experience as a  Marine Research Scientist and Principal Analytical Chemist and Head of the Water Quality Laboratory for the EPA of Victoria, Australia; has published scientific papers & three books, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking Nutrition for the Brain, and the Field setting Textbook – Energy Kinesiology. The Principles and Practice. Charles developed the Learning

Unfortunately, Charles is unable to join us in Boise this year.  

Dr. Bruce Dewe

Victors Not Victims
Your body is not a biological machine with genes that control your health. The epigenome instructs to DNA to make some cells into skin, muscle, etc, and others into organs. Epigenetics is the study of the changes in gene activity that do not involve alterations to the genetic code but are still heritable. We want to turn on the genes of longevity, wellness and vitality and turn off the genes of aging and death. Your DNA is not your destiny.

Dr. Bruce Dewe MD, MICAK, MNZKAP, has been a medical doctor for over 50 years and medical school faculty. He took TFH and the ITW in 1978, bringing TFH to Australia and NZ. He was the first chairman of the TFH worldwide faculty, developer of the sound balance and goal balancing (with Dr. Thie.) He and Joan have taught TFH to over 4000 people and delivered over 100 ITWs. His PKP program was the first training in kinesiology that led to government recognition and licensure. He is returning to the US to help further John Thie’s vision of spreading TFH to the world.

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Joan Dewe

Giving and Receiving with Appreciation
How empty is your love tank? Learn how to get your needs met and how to effectively nurture others. Based on The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you will explore how to recognize your personal giving and preferred receiving style.

Joan Dewe MA is an international lecturer, Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner, NZ Registered Kinesiopractor® and life member of TFHKA. She was appointed TFH Faculty by John Thie in 1982 and chaired many of the earliest NZ Touch For Health Annual meetings. She coordinated all the historical research that became PKP and met NZQA’s requirements for a systematic, progressive, educational sound curriculum. She was Principle of the South Pacific  Kinesiology College that taught the NZQA 3,800 hour Diploma in Kinesiology. Her ready wit, infectious laugh and clear step-wise presentations are legendary.

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Fred Luskin 

Joy Crough

Incorporating Forgiveness into Your Wellness Practice   It’s long been known that negative emotional states (fear, anger, grief, bitterness, resentment, holding on too long, etc.) can slow down and even interrupt the natural healing processes of the body. Forgiveness is one tool that can provide immense leverage to unlocking and restoring these processes. This talk by Fred Luskin and Joy Crough will present several useful healing techniques based upon forgiveness.

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D. founded and currently serves as Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects. He
is also Senior Consultant in Health Promotion at the Stanford University Health Center and Department Chair in Clinical Psychology at Sofia University. At Stanford Dr. Luskin teaches classes on The Art of Happiness, Meditation, Developing Emotional Intelligence and The Psychology of Storytelling Dr. Luskin is the author of the best-selling books Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness and Forgive for Love: The Missing Ingredient for a Healthy and Happy Relationship. His book Forgive for Good is the best-selling self-help book
published on the topic of forgiveness.                                            

Joy Crough has been a practitioner of the healing arts since 1979. She has a 40+ year healing practice (referral-only since 1993), and sees clients for a widerange of issues including stress-related symptoms, health issues, physical ailments, goal alignment, energetic work, executive coaching, high-performance achievement, and emotional healing. Joy is a Touch for Health practitioner & instructor. She received her N.D. in 1993, is a Master-Practitioner and Health Certified in NLP, as well as holds numerous other practitioner and instructor-level certifications in Educational Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Applied Physiology, Cymatherapy, and Reconnective Healing. She is a researcher in the areas of light- and sound-healing, and utilizes some of the latest healing devices employing light, sound, magnetic, electric, electro-magnetic
technologies and advanced bio-feedback (the Portacle), which support the vibrational and energetic healing resonances of the body.

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Martee ThOMus TegTmeyer

The Tegtmeyer Regenerative Integration Method (TRIMTM):

Exercising gently & gradually… re-programing the subconscious, changing the expression of DNA, re-growing telomeres.

Since 2014 Martee has integrated multiple methods, modalities & reflexes into TRIMTM , an “evergreen” kaleidoscopic synthesis to address practically specific conditions & needs of clients for epigenetic modulation using the Victorian Order of Nurses Group Fitness protocols mostly from evidence-based research as a basic template. For example, a mid-eighties active woman with extreme kyphosis in 22 months of Group Fitness classes now stands erect

Martee ThOMus TegTmeyer (MT): Accredited: Fitness Instructor, Victorian Order of Nurses, Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together® (Canada); Instructor/Consultant of the Touch for Health Method including Metaphors (Australia;

authorized in USA to give CEs to Personal Trainers of the International Sports Sciences Association, (ISSA); &

Brain Gym® Method (USA), & Instructor of K[indness]-Power. Tao Hands* Practitioner. Transcutaneous Acupuncture Certified; Certified Urban Poling, & Sit n Dance instructor. USA Certified Energy Kinesiology. Practitioner (since Spring 2013 not valid in Ontario, Canada), t’ai chi player for 32 years.

Maureen Gorsuch

Branching Out With The Basics

Sometimes when I meet fellow Massage Therapists, they tell me that they have taken TFH classes and when I ask them if they use the skills they learned, they often say that they don’t. Sometimes they just don’t feel confident in their skills or they don’t know how to integrate the muscle testing into a massage. They have this amazing “language” at their disposal, yet they do not feel comfortable using it. So, I hope to support my fellow Massage Therapists to “dig in,” literally

and figuratively, to this juicy work we have at our fingertips.

Maureen Gorsuch- Licensed Massage Therapist since 1990, who then became an assistant and apprentice to Dr Karl Hynes DC- ICAK Diplomate, His work and teaching greatly influenced the fluency that I now posses in the work that I call “Practical Kinesiology.” Maureen has been a TFH instructor since 2003 and has a passion for integrating kinesiology with massage.

Melody Fletcher

How to Leverage Energy to Heal Others More Effectively
The world needs its healers more than ever, and more and more are awakening every day. But what does a healer actually do? When we assist someone with their healing, what are we really doing? Why do our techniques work on some people and not others? In this talk, Melody Fletcher will explain:
– the underlying energy principles of how all forms of healing actually work (in nitty gritty detail)
– exactly why healing sometimes doesn’t work (and what to do about it!)
– the biggest beliefs that block healers from being as effective and awesome as they could be
– how to leverage energy to make all forms of healing more effective (regardless of the techniques used)
– how to attract only the students that will actually benefit from a healing (so it’s a lot more fun for the healer)

Melody Fletcher
Best Selling Hay House author is an expert in the Law of  Attraction, who doesn’t believe that personal development has to be so damn serious all the time. She helps people who are tired of not being happy to understand how the technology of reality actually works and remember how powerful they truly are, so they can finally get the lives they’ve always dreamed of. True story.

Her book, Deliberate Receiving: Finally, the Universe makes some Freaking Sense! – a humorous, no holds barred, no-BS look at how reality creation works and how to actually apply it to real life situations, appeals to an audience of intellectuals and over-thinkers, who appreciate her direct and in-your-face approach, as well as her ability to generate rapid, life changing results.
Melody invites you to visit her website at

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Matthew Thie

Touch For Health Case Study Guidelines

TFH Founder, John Thie, advocated gathering TFH anecdotal reports and session records. This presentation will briefly review the concept of anecdotal reports, session reports and case studies, as well as ideas for publishing this important information. Our purpose is to provide support to students, practitioners, and TFH Consultant Candidates for evidence of practice, competency, and record keeping. This documentation also represents a potential resource for information, insight, inspiration and further development, for the general public, for our peers in the TFH/Kinesiology field, and potentially the wider scientific community.

Matthew Thie Matthew collaborated directly with his father, John Thie, from 1996 until John’s death in August of 2005, just before the new book was released. Matthew worked with John developing healing protocol, writing articles, teaching seminars around the world and working with students. Matthew has taught about the Chinese Element Metaphors to over 1,000 students worldwide, and trained over 100 instructors. He is now the director of the Touch for Health education and an instructor trainer.